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Rain Guards and Bug Deflector Package


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Rain Guards and Bug Deflector Installation 

Whether precipitation or the bugs come raining down on your vehicle—you need to protect your car and visibility while driving down Northeast Ohio roads and highways.

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Don’t Let the Bugs (Or Rain) Rain on Your Parade

A native to the Ohio driving scene is the heavy rain showers that we see most of the year. Not only can the rainfall cause slippery road conditions, but it can also pose a threat to the interior of your car. Rain guards deflect the rain from entering your car’s windows. They allow you to drive with your windows rolled down and not have to worry about damaging the interior of your vehicle when caught in the rain. It also adds a level of peace when you hear the roll of thunder and remember that your car’s windows were left open in the parking lot.

Bug deflectors help out on the cosmetic front and act as a barrier against the number of mosquitoes and other insects that collide with your car and dirty up your windshield and the hood of your car. It is about time you stopped having to frequent the local car wash.

It’s easy to see why rain guards and bug deflectors are a driving essential, and D&S Automotive is offering free installation for a limited time. Protect your car’s exterior and interior today. Contact us and schedule your free, seamless, and professional installation service with your purchase of rain guards and a bug deflector from D&S Automotive.