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Simplify the Repair Process

Get a Mobile Estimate

At D&S Automotive, we make getting a repair estimate easy! That’s why we have a tool that you can use right from your phone! Click below to easily submit a mobile repair estimate.

Get Your Mobile Estimate

*** Note that for a more thorough estimate we would have to see the vehicle in person which requires you to schedule an estimate appointment and visit one of our Collision Centers.

The Process is Simple

See how to easily submit a mobile repair estimate request using the steps below.


  • Step 1: Select the damaged area

  • Step 2: Take a straight-on photo of the damage

  • Step 3: Take a side-angle photo of the damage

  • Step 4: Select additional damaged areas and repeat steps 2 and 3

  • Step 5: Take a photo of the VIN number & insurance information

  • Step 6: Submit your request for review

  • Step 7: Reviewer assesses X-ray damage

  • Step 8: Get an automated estimate quickly without visiting the shop