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Hitch Classifications

Know Before You Tow

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Vehicles were made to haul heavy loads. So make sure it’s equipped with the tow hitch gear it needs to get the job done. D&S Automotive has the information you need to choose the right hitch classification for your needs.

Class I
This hitch is ideal for those with smaller vehicles towing minimal weight, such as a bike rack or cargo carrier.
–          Capacity: 2,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 200lbs Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Opening: 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” receiver

Class II
Designed for light duty towing, a class II trailer hitch is for those with mid-sized vehicles.  This hitch will handle small items such as a bike rack or cargo carrier, but can also accommodate small trailers.
–          Capacity: 3,500lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 350lbs Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Opening: 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” receiver

Class III
Class III hitches are designed for trucks, vans, and SUVs.  This tow hitch will allow the user to tow medium-sized trailers with ATVs or lawn equipment, as well as a small camper or boat.
–          Capacity: 8,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 800lbs Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Opening: 2” x 2” receiver

Class IV
The class IV tow hitch is a massive upgrade over the class III.  With double the weight capacity, this hitch will allow the user to haul their trailer, boat, or camper.
–          Capacity: 10,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 1,000lbs Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Opening: 2” x 2” receiver

Class V
Designed for heavy duty trucks or vans, this truck hitch receiver is the strongest and most capable.  Anything over the capacity of a class V would suggest a Gooseneck or Fifth-Wheel trailer hitch.
–          Capacity: 16,000, 18,000, or 20,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 1,800 lbs of Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Opening: 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” receiver

Mounted above the bed, a fifth wheel trailer hitch gives the user more stability and clearance over the bed.  This hitch is typically used by those with a recreational trailer, such as camper or horse trailer.
–          Capacity: 15,000–26,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 4000-7500lbs of Tongue Weight

Unlike a Fifth Wheel trailer hitch, a majority of gooseneck trailer hitches hide below the bed of the truck.  Some have a release on the trailer ball, which provides an unobstructed bed to use when not towing.
–          Capacity: 20,000–30,000lbs Gross Trailer Weight and 6250–7500lbs of Tongue Weight
–          Hitch Ball Size: 2-5/16”

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