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2016-10-17-04-55-19 The reason the relationship started was because Mark DiRosa worked at another company which put lifts into vans while D&S Automotive was in the business of converting “hippie vans.” Mark would ship the vans to D&S to build the entire interior and Mark would put the lift in.

Back before there were safer seatbelts throughout cars – back in the day you could put nice plush leather on the seats – people would buy a stripped out van and D&S would cut windows in it and build it from the ground up. We would manufacture the conversions to whatever the customer wanted. If they wanted blue, green, purple and shag carpet, we would do it. Whatever the customer wanted.

We built it and anytime the vans were in a collision, they brought it back to us automatically for any collision repairs. The customers thought, “The original builders will know my vehicle best so I’m going to take it back to where it was built.”


Owner CJ Paterniti explains, “People buy more on trust than feeling and wheelchair vehicles are not an impulsive purchase for customers. The time between initial contact and purchase, the trust has been created.”

People bring their vans to D&S for maintenance because we have the strong relationship with M.C. Mobility Systems in Mentor. We can walk over to an M.C. service professional and ask them about a product and the vehicle itself and how to repair it in the case of a collision.

We also have direct relationships and partnerships with the manufacturers, whether that be Bruno, BraunAbility or VMI, we can repair so much faster because we can talk to these businesses. Our knowledge is second-to-none.


Even other shops are bringing mobility vans here because we have the knowledge and we’re comfortable fixing mobility vehicles. Just like if someone brought a Rolls Royce into our shop, we might not take it because we lack the education and knowledge on that certain vehicle.

We’re the choice for mobility collision repair. If you have a mobility vehicle in need of maintenance or repair from a collision, bring it to D&S Automotive in Mentor, Euclid and Chardon.

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